Lithium complex grease


What is Lithium complex grease?

Lithium complex grease soap produce by high quality viscous base oils with anti-corrosion additives and solid lubricants for its anti-corrosion, oxidation and rust properties. Particularly recommended in high temperatures and harsh conditions where the use of it is limited. It also formulated by extra qualified mineral base oil with carefully selected thickener structure of lithium complex grease .

Usage of Lithium grease

for durability to extreme pressure, multipurpose, long service life grease. Exhibit superior performance in high temperature, watery conditions, low cycle and heavy loads of iron steel, mining, Types of rotary, sliding and rotary bearings, industries that require high temperature and humidity resistant greases, including steel, aluminum, mines and wheel bearings in all types of light and heavy vehicles. construction, chemistry, automotive bearings and chassis lubrications, marine applications, electrical engines, all industrial fields including paper machines.

Lithium complex grease Features

  • It has High temperature stability
  • Excellent resistance to washing with water and moisture
  • Very good mechanical strength
  • High anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties
  • Excellent adhesion properties
lithium complex color :
  • green
  • red
  • Beige

Specification of product

 Lithium complex method Typical properties
Soap Type Lithium Complex
Processed Penetration (25°C/60 Stroke) 265-295
Dropping Point, °C 400
Operating Temperature, °C -20 / 200
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