Manufacturer of Lithium Grease


What is Lithium Grease?

Lithium Grease based on lithium soap possesses many improved properties compared to the other alkali metal soaps. This grease has better water resistance properties compared to sodium grease, better high-temperature properties compared to calcium grease and excellent mechanical properties both resistance to shearing and good ability to be pumped. Although it is more expensive to manufacture than other grease types, it offers so many advantages compared to sodium and calcium soap thickeners that extra cost is offset by improved performance.

Extreme Pressure of product

EP Lithium is multipurpose extreme pressure grease made from lithium soap stock which supplies good high and low temperature characteristics and chemical stability. The load carrying additives system contains no lead and no metals which are environmentally undesirable. This product has high resistance to mechanical breakdown, excellent oxidation resistance, good rust protection and excellent water washout resistance.

Lithium grease produced by ATDM

  • Grease L ATDM 200 R
  • Grease L ATDM 207 EP
  • Grease L ATDM 207 HEP
  • Grease Lithium Complex R
  • Grease L ATDM Mix EP
  • Grease L ATDM EP
  • Grease L ATDM 237
  • Grease L ATDM MS EP
  • Grease L ATDM 200 Mix R
  • Grease L ATDM 200 MS HR
  • Grease L ATDM 200 HR
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