Differences of gilsonite with oxidized bitumen(hard asphalt)

Gilsonite is mineral products and made after 1000 of years under ground from crude oil and during these years light stuff vapored and hard and heavy component remain. When you heat hard asphalt sealant or oxidized bitumen there is not wax on to get solid in low temperature and allow worker to work on and has flow near the softening point.it is 100% pure Iraqi bitumen Chrystal or hard bitumen is different than above products and raw material is differ and made after crude oil heated up to 800C and all hydrocarbon gone and remain is very hard asphalt that most of the cargo damaged due high temperature and converted to coke and the remained is semi burned hard bitumen. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: https://gilsonite-bitumen.com/en/news/what-is-differences-of-gilsonite-and-oxidized-bitumen-and-ha
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