Application of bitumen enamel

Application of bitumen enamel. Application of bitumen enamel is corrosion protection material in onshore and offshore. Long Term Corrosion Protection The best adhesion to steel provides a track record of long term corrosion resistance. Bitumen Enamel Recommended for pipelines designed to convey water, gas, oil or any other fluid when the continuous temperature  of the …

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Application of bitumen mastic

Application of bitumen mastic The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing granular mastic asphalt, in which filler and heated aggregate, in a first stage, are mixed with a partial amount of bitumen preheated into a liquid state, and the mixture allowed to cool to ambient temperature to form a granular semifinished product, whereupon the said semifinished product, …

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Application of bitumen primer

Application of bitumen primer bitumen primer is a bitumen based primer for the surface conditioning of concrete and timber substrates prior to the application of heat fused APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes such as UniTorch. Features4 Versatile bituminous primer for porous and non-porous surfaces Used on concrete, metal and timber surfaces Economical & easy to …

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