Bitumen emulsion

emulsion bitumen

What is Bitumen emulsion? Bitumen emulsion is a suspension of small bitumen molecules in water, which is assisted by an emulsifying agent (such as soap and salt plus acid). The emulsifying agent or emulsifier assists by imparting an electrical charge to the surface of the bitumen molecules so that they do not separate. Description of …

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Bitumen K170 K160 K140 K3 K2

General description of emulsion Bitumen CRS, CRS1 & CRS2 ,RS Bitumen CRS are usually made by passing the mixture of hot bitumen and water phase between a rotating disc, cone or wheel and a stator. In the emulsification process, hot binder is mechanically separated into minute globules and dispersed in water treated with a small quantity …

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Bitumen SS1|Bitumen SS1-H|Bitumen CSS1|Bitumen CSS1-H

What is bitumen SS1 Bitumen SS1 is emulsified asphalt slow-setting, anionic type and are further characterized by their ability to remain stable on storage although produced with equipment that generates a wide range of shearing forces. Such characteristics are imparted to the asphalt emulsions through the use of emulsion-conditioner compositions comprising a partially desulfonated lignosulfonate, …

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