all about rubber process oil Aniline point


Rubber process oil Aniline point

All about Rubber processing oil Aniline point ASTM method  : ASTM D611 and ASTM D1012 Most of petroleum products as well as RPO well known by their aniline point , especially those that are lighter, solvents used for other types of materials. Based on the type of hydrocarbon solvent power of the crude oil is changed. Aniline point of rubber process oil was measured by a simple test and is done easily with available equipment in labratolary . In fact, this test solubility of aniline, an aromatic substance, measured in furfural extract RPO and other petroleum products. The solubility of other substances is related to the solubility of aniline. Aniline often somewhat soluble hydrocarbons and their solubility in any particular hydrocarbon mixtures increase with increasing temperature. When the mixture comes complete solubility temperature for a solution is transparent, opaque is mixed at lower temperatures. In this method, after raising the temperature again clear solution cools the temperature at which the mixture will become cloudy measures. The strength of aniline in hydrocarbons is greater solubility temperature at which turbidity first appears will be lower. Usually, the lowest solubility for paraffinic hydrocarbons aniline (and most other substances) and therefore have higher aniline point. The highest and the lowest point of aromatic solubility of aniline (usually room temperature), respectively, whereas among paraffin naphthenic and aromatics are material.

Significance Of The Results

Aniline point is that the solvent is an indicator of strength for solvents is very important. Generally, the lower the aniline point of rubber processing oil result in higher solvent power. There are other laboratory tests that solvent power for a certain type of materials with which it is used are measured. Two types of tests that are standardized and accepted, to measure the strength butanol solution is used pine and nitro cellulose. But two recent test more complex than the measured aniline point and small laboratories are often ill equipped to perform these tests. However, the test is usually done in a way that better communications with specific application to be. In hydraulic oils and lubricating oils, aniline point indicates the tendency of oil to soften and swell the rubber parts in contact with the oil. The lower aniline point, you tend to swell out more. Aniline point is also a factor in determining the relative consistency of rubber, soft rubber formulations used.
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