Asphalt institute


Asphalt Institute

Asphalt Institute  is an expert facility in asphalt business research, testing and analysis, the Laboratory of the  Institute of Asphalt furs knowledgeable, certified technicians and professional engineers with a reliable technical support network of Institute industry experience. Actually, AI promotes petroleum asphalt as a safe and environmentally friendly construction material for highways, streets, and roofing systems through a program of scientific research and technological developments. The basic function and historic purpose of The AI is to inform engineers and architects about petroleum asphalt so they will. Asphalt is a superior, sustainable paving material for constructing pavements and can be used for many applications including highways, airport runways, parking lots and driveways. Asphalt ultimately speeds construction, is environmentally friendly, provides a smooth, quiet ride and more. therefore, the importance of asphalt production and control before distribution is very important. This is where you can trust ATDMCO to prepare a quality product with analysis test.

About ATDMCO Asphalt

We are mine owner of natural asphalt deposited in Hakkari of Turkey have been known since 1940s and it is the only natural asphalt deposits area in the Middle East. We are natural asphalt powder producer for drilling and asphalt and our mine deposits contain 80 to 97 % asphalt content and there is reserved between 200 to 250 million tons. It has been used mainly for road construction and maintenance however oil well drilling fluid to prevent lost circulation.
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