Asphalt plastomer pellets

Asphalt plastomer pellets

Asphalt is a commonly used material for construction purposes, such as a road pavement or roofing material. Just bitumen does not possess all the physical characteristics of construction for instance, unmodified asphalt may exhibit a poor performance grade rating (pg rating) as a road pavement material. As used herein, pg rating is defined as the average seven-day maximum and the single-day minimum pavement design temperature, wherein the maximum is determined 20 mm below the surface of the pavement and the minimum is determined at the surface of the pavement. Although the pg rating for asphalt may widely vary, asphalt generally used in road pavement applications exhibit pg ratings of about 64-22, which indicates a 64° c. Average seven day maximum and a -22° c. Single day minimum pavement design temperature.

To be able to increase performance of asphalt you need to use asphalt plastomer which can be present in the modified asphalt mixture in an amount by weight approx. 5% in the modified asphalt composition.

Usage of asphalt plastomer pellet

The crosslinking agent can be present in the modified asphalt composition.

Increase effectively the g*/sin(delta) of the binders

Decrease the phase angle of binders.

Decrease significantly the separation of the binders.

Specification of asphalt plastomer pellets









Tensile strength (mpa)


Elongation at break %


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