Bitumen for backside of carpet tile

bitumen backside carpet

Bitumen carpet tile backing

We are manufacturing bitumen for backside of carpet tile which is produced by coating a thick backing layer of a rubber-modified bitumen coating.

Advantage of using our bitumen in back side of carpet tile:

Supreme Comfort: Experience a new level of softness underfoot. Our Bitumen Backing enhances the comfort of your carpet, making every step a pleasure.

Enhanced Durability: Say goodbye to wear and tear. The bitumen layer adds a robust foundation to your carpet, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Anti-Slip Technology: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your carpet stays securely in place. The Bitumen Backing provides excellent grip, preventing slips, slides and pass moisture.

Better acoustics: air quality and walking comfort

Easy to install: maintain and replace

Excellent safety: creativity and sustainability

Protection: protect the carpet against moisture

How to make bitumen carpet coating

The hot melt bitumen or bitumen-modified composition is applied to this secondary backing sheet in an amount ranging from about 40 to 125, but more typically, 75 to 100 ounces per square yard of the hot melt coating composition on the secondary backing sheet.

Bitumen carpet tile

In the method of producing the bitumen carpet tile, the secondary backing sheet is separately coated with the hot melt bitumen or bitumen-modified composition containing the thermoplastic, rubbery polymeric material which is then allowed to cool.

Bitumen carpet material

Subsequently then, the exposed surface of the bitumen rubbery-containing material coating layer is laminated to the hot, tacky surface of the second precoat layer of the bitumen, resin-containing composition to provide for a laminated carpet tile construction. After the lamination step, the carpet material is subsequently cut into desired carpet tiles and then packaged.

What grade of bitumen is using in back side coating of carpet tile?

The best grade to use in back side of carpet tile is oxidized bitumen 105/15 as below specification.

Bitumen 105/15SpecificationTest method ASTM/EN13304
Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg1.01/1.06D-70
Penetration @ 25 c10/20D-5
Softening point c100/110D-36
Loss on heating(wt) %0.2 maxD-6
Flash point c250 minD-92
Solubility is cs2(wt) %99.5 maxD-4
Spot testNegativeA.a.s.h.
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