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Bitumen price in Oman

Oman producting bitumen also importing from Bahrain and storing in Sohar free zone tanker and then fill up in bulk in vessel and ship to other countirs by changing the origin. Again oman bitumen price has directly relation with Bahrain bitumen price.

Turkey bitumen price

Tupras refinery producing bitumen in Turkey and have long term contract with customer and due heavy cost of transit inside of Turkey just bitumen distributing from Bahrain to neigbur city.Normally bitumen price in Istanbul is same as Bahain but needed to have contarct with refinery to be able to get cargo otherwise they import from other place with higher cost.

Singapore bitumen price

Singapore is producer of bitumen in large amount and exporting to China and Malaysai.But Singaporian trader importing from Bahrain and then reexport to ASEAN countries due tax waive agreement.They importing bitumen from Bahrain in cheap price to Singapore and then ship to China with Singapore origin and good profit they make.Exxonmobil is name of  bitumen refinery in singapore and this brand is cmpeteing with Korea bitumen.

Malaysia bitumen price

Malaysian bitumen price has relation with Bahrain bitumen and Singapore bitumen also Petronas bitumen.Depend on final destination they are producing different grade and the price is different.Normally Australia and Newzland both importing special bitumen grade from Malaysia since they have facility to make as per of their standard and distance compare other countries is more reasonable.Normally Malaysia price is same as Singapore bitumen price with a bit lower.

Korea bitumen price

SK oil and S oil is brand name of South Korea oil company which producing bitumen and normally in bulk exporting to China. SK-OIL was established in 1976 to produce lube base oil, petro-chemical products, and crude oil refining facilities of 669,000 barrels a day in the Onsan Industrial Complex of Ulsan.One of the best and profitable product of this company is bitumen and other countries in easterin Asia competing with them in bitumen price.
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