bitumen sealant

Bitumen sealant is an elastic bituminous mass with ideal adhesion to construction surfaces (concrete, plaster, wood, metal), designated for all external sealing, especially with all roofing works.

Bitumen sealant based on single-component permanently elastic does not cause metal corrosion non-cracking joint

The bitumen sealing of covering materials made of roofing felt, wooden shingles, eternite, corrugated sheet steel and different types of metal sheets sealing inner wheel arches in cars, trucks sealing of construction elements, joints (made of concrete, steel. wood, etc.) installation of gutters, rainwater pipes, roofing accessories Liquidation of different leakages

Advantage of bitumen sealant is easy and simple to use keeps its characteristic in the temperatures from -20°C to 80°C can be used on every type of surface joint works with changing weather conditions

How to use bitumen sealant.

Cut off the tube ending, put in the applicator and cut it with the angle.  Sealing mass to be put with the use of pistol onto the cartouche. Smooth the joint with the use of dry spatula. The mass stays elastic through the whole period of use. 

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