Bitumen suppliers in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

bitumen supplier in UAE

Are you looking for Bitumen supplier in UAE?

ATDM is bitumen supplier in UAE to local companies specially to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also exporting directly from Jebel Ali port to ll over the world.

Special Bitumen Grades from UAE supplier

We are exporting bitumen from UAE include bitumen emulsions, polymer-modified binders, or blends designed for specialized construction needs.The general grades are bitumen 60/70 80/100 bitumen VG30 and 40 also Bitumen MC30 and MC70 and RC70.PMB and PG grades along with SS1 and These grades are often formulated to meet unique project specifications.

High-Performance Thin Overlay (HPTO) Bitumen

HPTO Bitumen Grades: High-Performance Thin Overlay bitumen is engineered for thin-layer applications, providing a durable and skid-resistant surface. This type of bitumen is often used for pavement preservation and rehabilitation projects.

Bitumen supplier for Airport Pavements

bitumen supplier in UAE for road paving

Airport Grade Bitumen: Certain grades of bitumen are specifically designed for use in airport pavement construction. These grades meet stringent performance requirements, including resistance to aircraft fuel and hydraulic fluids.

Roofing Applications

We are supplier of Bitumen for roofing which is widely used in roofing applications, and specific grades are formulated for this purpose. These grades may include oxidized bitumen suitable for waterproofing and protecting roofs from environmental elements.

Bitumen for Waterproofing

Our UAE  origin Bitumen is utilized for waterproofing applications in construction. Specialized grades are designed to create a durable, water-resistant barrier, commonly used in basements, foundations, and infrastructure exposed to water ingress.

Bitumen for Bridge Deck Waterproofing

This Bitumen grades formulated for bridge deck waterproofing provide protection against moisture and environmental factors. These grades are crucial for ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of bridges.

Hard Bitumen for Pipeline Coating

Oxidized bitumen is hard UAE Bitumen and employed as a coating material for pipelines, providing corrosion resistance and protection against the elements. Grades designed for pipeline coating contribute to the safety and durability of oil and gas infrastructure.

Blown asphalt for Soundproofing Applications

Blown asphalt is Acoustic Bitumen Grades: Bitumen is utilized in soundproofing applications for its damping properties.We as UAE bitumen supplier help customer to buy the other grade of material with OEM specification and packing.

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