China oxidized bitumen supplier

There is alot of refinery in Qingdao of China to produce oxidized bitumen but unfortunalety there is alot of impurity into Chinese oxidized bitumen.

The impurity comming from Carbonate calcium and other filler which increase weight of the product and meltiong of the oxidized bitumen will become very hard and needed alot of energy to heat and melt it.

In china oxidized bitumen facories producing below blown asphalt grades:

Oxidized bitumen 75/25

Oxidized bitumen 85/25

Oxidized bitumen 95/25

Oxidized bitumen 90/40

Also medium grade oxidized bitumen 90/10

Oxidized bitumen 90/15 and hard grade including

Blown bitumen 115/15

Oxidized bitumen 110/15

Oxidized bitumen 105/5

Oxidized bitumen 105/15

Oxidized bitumen 105/35

Oxidized bitumen 150

 We strongly request to purchase high quality oxidized bitumen from manufcturer of oxidized bitumen in Iran since raw material of Iran blown asphalt is very high quality.

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