Hot mix asphalt concrete HMA HMAC

Iran hot mix asphalt

Iran hot-mix asphalt is hot-mix asphalt (HMA). HMA technologies are processes or additives to HMA that allow mixture production and placement to occur at temperatures (30-100ºF) lower than conventional HMA without sacrificing performance.

Technology currently used to make the for hot mix asphalt process possible are chemical binder additives, chemical mixture additives, foaming admixtures, and plant modifications.

Additives and processes pre-qualified for use on department projects can be found on the approved hot mix asphalt.

Significant benefits derived from using hot mix asphalt include:

Reduced fuel requirements for mixture production

Extended time available for compaction/workability, particularly for mixtures containing polymer-modified asphalt binders and thin lift/cool weather applications

Ease of incorporating reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP)

Potential lower oxidation/improved fatigue life

The following information addresses HMA mixtures, but generally do not differ appreciably from WMA.

Typically, the same parent test procedures or specification item applies to both types of asphalt.

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