Most famous bitumen refineries in Iran

iran bitumen manufacturer

Bitumen refineries

Most famous Iran bitumen refineries are Pasargad and Jey. Pasargad has seven refineries around Iran and Jey located in Isfahan.Bitumen Iran origin has highest depend in the market and the city of the refineries all full of drumming factories and serivce companies and while they are full of order even they use out source of packing.

Iran bitumen manufacturers

Apart from Jey and Pasargad which selling bitumen 60/70, there are some other private factories that making bitumen with VB (Vacuum bottom) of refineries. The bitumen quality depend on equipment of factory is different but all pass the basic standard. 

Petro Gold refinery is bitumen manufacturer

ATDM company has owned refinery in Bandar Abbas Iran which is named petro gold Iran bitumen manufacturer and produce all types of bitumen including bitumen 60/70 and 80/100, Bitumen VG 30 and 40 with high quality packing in steel drum and jumbo bag also supplying the bitumen in bulk vessel which public refineries unable to arrange such service in the same time.

iran bitumen refinery

Why customer prefer Iran instead Iraq bitumen

Superior Quality: It is sourced from reputable refineries which pass all of the ASTM test and standards.

Exceptional Durability: Engineered with high molecular binding properties to stick to aggregate and building materials.

Customizable spec: It is tailored to meet whatever construction companies needs on road construction, roofing, or waterproofing.

Cost-Effective: While offering premium quality, It is also competitively priced.Iran bitumen price is lowest in the world!

Proven Track Record: It has a longstanding tradition of bitumen production, and its bitumen has been widely used in domestic and international projects. The proven track record of performance adds a level of confidence and reliability to the use of Iranian Bitumen.

Innovation and Technology: The production processes and facility developed by Iranian companies or importing from Germany and Austria like Porner.

Availability: Normally accessible on a different location and market specially in Dubai of UAE, Qingdao of China and Mundra or Kandla of India along with Mombasa and Djibouti also Dar esalam.

Differences of Iran and Iraqi bitumen

Iraqi bitumen is high viscosity, high sulphur and spot test is positive while Iran bitumen is in range of standard.

  • High viscosity means bitumen has not movement and prevent to apply.
  • High sulphur means too much bad smell.
  • Spot test positive means bitumen converted to coke and molecular bindery changed!
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