Pasargad bitumen (Pasargad oil company POC)

Pasargad oil company is largest bitumen producer in the Middle East.

Pasargad Oil Company (POC) started to produce bitumen in 2003 in 7 different locations. Pasargad bitumen is as an Iranian manufacturer as the largest bitumen supplier in the Middle East. Bitumen 10/20, Bitumen 20/30, 40/50, Bitumen 60/70bitumen 80/100, bitumen 85/100, bitumen 40/50, bitumen 90/130, bitumen 160/220 The first one is in Tehran and supporting central market. Address:  Pasargad Bitumen Plant, Tondgouyan Oil Refinery, Tondgouyan Highway, Rajaei Shahr Tel.:  +98 2155218582 Fax: +98 21 22915360 The second one is in Arak and supporting bitumen membrane companies in Delijan. Address: Pasargad Bitumen Plant, Shazand Refinery, Arak, Markazi Province, Iran Manager’s Office: +98 8624224606 Fax: +98 8613679530 The third one is in Tabriz and exporting to most of countries in northern part of Iran. Address: Pasargad Bitumen Plant, Tabriz Refinery, Azarshahr, Km 2, Tabriz, Iran Tel: +98 4114212897, 4114212896, 4114212895 Fax: 04114212898 The fourth one is in Shiraz which is supporting south part of Iran. Address: Pasargad Bitumen Plant, Zarqan, Fars Province, Iran PO Box:  07118308776 Manager’s Office:  +98 7118308776 Fax:  +98 07118207363 The fifth one is in Bandar Abbas most exporting FOB of BND. Address: Pasargad Bitumen and Barreling Plant, Bandar Abbas Refinery, Bandar Abbas, Iran Manager’s Office :  +98 7615562189 Fax: +987615562173 Bandar Abbas Export Terminal: POC, Oil Zone II, Oil Storage Tanks, Persian Gulf Entry, Shahid Rajaei Jetty, Bandar Abbas, Iran The sixth one is in Abadan supporting south part of Iran and it is near to feed. Address: Pasargad Bitumen Plant, Abadan Oil Refinery, Abadan, Iran Tel: +98 6313333251 PO Box: 344
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