Wax packing

Wax has different grades from liquid to very hard solid , so packing depends to the form of the product .

Solid paraffin wax in all grades are normally produced in slabs form and 5-6 of them will be put in a carton or poly propylene bag .

Slack wax and residue wax because of higher oil content can not be packed as paraffin wax and are normally loaded in ISO tank , Flexi tank or steel drum .

Liquid paraffin and normal paraffin are liquid in all grades and can be put in plastic or steel drum , ISO tank , Flexi tank , in large amount they will be loaded bulk in vessels too .

The most important element in wax packing is to avoid leakage , because wax is an oily product in general and leakage occurs easily for it .

Drum causes more cost for the product and less weight can be loaded but to avoid leakage most of the customers select this packing

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