Wax Sculpture

wax sculpture

wax sculpture is made using a waxy substance. These are usually of a notable individual, but there are also death mask  , a death mask which is a wax made of a person’s face following dead people . A death mask may be a clay or another artifact placed on the face of the deceased before burial rites. The best known of these are the masks used by ancient egyptians as part of the mummification process and scenes with many figures . Bees wax is quite suitable for making wax sculptures . It can easily be cut and shaped at room temperature, melts at a low temperature, mixes with any coloring matter to gain a nice mixture, takes surface tints well, and its texture and consistency may be modified by the addition of oils or fats. When molten, it is highly responsive to impressions from a mold and, once it sets and hardens, these properties have seen wax used for modelling since the middle ages and there is testimony for it having been used for making masks (particularly death masks) in ancient rome.
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