Bitumen Class C170 C320 C45o C600

Bitumen C170 C320 C450 C600

In the realm of construction and infrastructure development, the quality of materials used plays a pivotal role. Australian bitumen, known for its versatility and reliability, encompasses a range of grades tailored to meet specific project requirements. Among these, C170, C320, C450, and C600 stand out as prominent contenders, each offering unique characteristics and applications.

Understanding Australian Bitumen Grades

Bitumen C170: Paving the Way with Durability

C170 bitumen, characterized by its high viscosity and excellent adhesive properties, serves as a cornerstone in road construction projects. With superior resistance to deformation and cracking, it ensures longevity and stability, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and heavy-duty pavements.

Grade bitumen C320: Striking the Balance Between Flexibility and Strength

C320 bitumen strikes a harmonious balance between flexibility and strength, making it a preferred option for various asphalt mixtures. Its moderate viscosity facilitates efficient mixing and compaction, resulting in smooth, durable surfaces suitable for both urban and rural roads.

High performance bitumen C450

Designed to withstand the rigors of harsh climates and heavy loads, C450 bitumen excels in extreme conditions. Its enhanced stiffness and resistance to rutting make it indispensable for projects in regions prone to temperature fluctuations and intensive traffic, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Best boundaries class bitumen C600

At the pinnacle of the Australian bitumen hierarchy lies C600, renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. Engineered to endure the most demanding environments and traffic loads, it surpasses conventional standards, providing unparalleled performance and longevity for critical infrastructure projects.

Choosing the Right Grade: Factors to Consider

Selecting the appropriate bitumen grade is crucial to the success of any construction endeavor. Factors such as traffic volume, climate conditions, and pavement specifications must be carefully evaluated to determine the optimal grade for the intended application. Consulting with industry experts and conducting thorough assessments can help ensure the selection of the most suitable grade for the project at hand.

Empowering Construction Projects with Versatile Bitumen Solutions

Australian bitumen grades C170, C320, C450, and C600 represent the epitome of quality and performance in the realm of construction materials. From enhancing durability and longevity to withstanding extreme conditions, these versatile grades cater to a diverse range of project requirements, empowering infrastructure development across the nation. By understanding the unique characteristics and applications of each grade, stakeholders can make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of Australian bitumen in their construction endeavors.

Specification of bitumen class

 Class 170Class 320Class 600
Viscosity at 60oC, pa.s170320600
Viscosity  at 135oC Pa.s0.400.530.80
Viscosity at 60oC after RTFO, Pa.s3006401300
Penetration at 25oC, dmm704627
Flashpoint, oC360360360
Viscosity of Residue at 60oC % of original180200215
Density at 15oC, kg/m31.041.041.04
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