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Bitumen price from 22 November to 22 of December

َAfter decision of IME and government regulator of price,from 22 of Nov they started to calculate the Vacuum bottom which is raw material of bitumen by other formula:

1. before was based on offical rate of central bank of Iran and now is USD base on free market rate which is 20% higher!

2. adjusting VB price was monthly and they decided to control the price in short time and release the sales price of VB every two weeks.Now everybody quoting higher than expected rate to be on safe side but it is better to wait till Monday 27th of Nov. that IME will offer bitumen price then official rate will specify.

As per above reason,the bitumen price will fix base on 350~355USD/MT FOB of BND.

Bitumen price October 22 up to 22th of November 2017

Bitumen price increase 6$/MT and reached to 240$/MT bulk and 292$/MT packed in 185Kg steel drum FOB of BND.

Reason of increasment is cost of vacuum bottom which is 6$ increased and the same rate applied to bitumen price. Other reason is competition of refineries to purchase the feed and this week(October 22-29) just 10000MT VB was offered in IME but 70000MT was demand of Bandar Abbas refineries and up to 10% they increased the rate.


Bitumen price October 1 up to 22 October 2017

Price of bitumen due increase of oil price increased.angelThis increasement is due shortage of VB in Iran market and also competion of refineries to buying the raw material in very high rate.cryingNormally price of VB has base price and then buyers competiting to buy it and anybody who bid higher percentage can take more cargo.So one of the reasons is competition.The second reason is oil price which is jumped up due Independent of Kurdistan and block of oil pipe like by Turkish goventment and risk of shortage of crude oil based on 600000 barrel per day which is a shock in market.

Price of bitumen based on 100% in advance is 279 and 30-70TT is 284$/MT now Jey bitumen embossed cargo.Pasargad bitumen is 3$ less and same terms.Other private refineries offering 275-278$/MT FOB of Bandar Abbas.



Bitumen price September 3 2017 to 22th of Sep.

Now is high season for bitumen all other bituminous products like bitumen roll sheet, bitumen primer , water base bitumen and solvent base bitumen So demand in market increased too much angel and rainy season also in India and East Asia stoppedyes So all buyer resume to work and recently even some of refineries faced with shortage of raw material! 

So current price increased too

1. Pasargad bitumen price is 272/MT

2. Jey bitumen is 277$/MT

3. Other refineries between 260 to 265 depend on payment term and delivery time. 


Bitumen price Aug 01 2017 valid to 22th of Aug.

Bitumen price kept stable condition and remain same as July rate but since USD value decreasing angry and oil price increasing angel definetly Maximum till 22 of August the bitumen price will increase.

Another reason of increase is Monsoon season in India which will finish soon and order will resume and refineries will get busy more.

The current bitumen price is:

1. Pasargad bitumen price is 268$/MT

2. Jey bitumen is 270$/MT

3. Other refineries between 260 to 265 depend on payment term and delivery time. 


Date:July 02 2017

Price of bitumen decreased too much compare to June surprise becuase:

1. The main reason of decrease is oil price dropped

2. India refineries reduced the price 22$/MT for this months

3. Apart from these two important items exchange rate of Rial(Iran currency) to USD getting weak and is good for export business.

Accoring to above reason Iran bitumen price adjusted to 275$/MT Jey brand,270$/MT Pasargad brand and other refineries is 260-265$/MT.

These prices is based on TT payment 30-70 and in case 100% in advance the price would be betterwink


This price is valid till 20 days later subject to change of exchange rate in Iran.yes


Date:June 08 2017

Due confilict between gulf countries and Qatarangry,They stop to sell building material to Qatar and one of the important material has been Bitumen.For the bitumen before they had contracted with BAPCO which is near then but since Qatar has not access to them anymore they came to Iran to buy the bituminous material.There is football worldcupheart in Qatar and they need to  procure the bitumen to finish the rings around Doha.

Recetly alot of inquiry came from Qatari companies and they are looking for big quanity of bitumen so it is some signal to increase the price on next week between 2 to 5$/MT.

So final price may adjust as below:

Price of bitumen 60/70 & 80/100 is aprox 272$-275/MT including certifiate of quality and quantity FOB of Bandar Abbas.


Updated bitumen price on May.28.2017 to June 15.2017

Due too much oil flactuation in market and weekly decrease and increase angel,Manufacturer and exporter of bitumen are not able to specify stable price for a weekno.While everybody was waiting for decrease of price suddenly price of VB jumped 7$/MT surpriseand then 5 days later oil price decrease 4.7%!

So buyers can not make decide when is right time to buy but still bitumen market expecting some decrease and end on this week new price may release.

Current price of bitumen 60/70 & 80/100 is aprox 270$/MT including certifiate of quality and quantity FOB of Bandar Abbas.


Updated bitumen price on May.1.2017 to May.20.2017

Bitumen price finally increased yes becuase of Iran election!Government controlling FOREX and value of local currency(Rial) compare USD getting strong and it is not good sad for exporter since they are calculating on balance payment after ship the goods the value of USD would be lower than now.

Another issue is increase of oil price and effected on HSFO 180 price!It is key material to calculate price of all petroleum product accoridngly.Aprrox. 15$/MT increase and this number directly added on bitumen price.

Expect of market for bitumen price is increased till 24 days later and after than come down due starting monsoon season in India and all construction project will stop due high flood.

Current price of bitumen till May 20 is approx 275USD/MT FOB of Bandar Abbas Iran.


Updated bitumen price on April 12.2017

Bitumen price started to increase due below reason:

  • The high consumption season in US.
  • OPEC considering to expand their Crude Output Cut agreement.
  • Libya pipeline supply blockage
  • Uncertainty due to the US attack on Syria

So it is effected on oil and petroleum commodity.The most updated Iran bitumen price on April i s 255$/MT FOB of BND.

Updated bitumen price on March 1.2017

Since Iranian company preparing to leave office to start new year on March 21,there is less intrest to buy raw material and store in factory due unavailbility of truck to transit the goods to port so price of bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100 compare last month decreased and reached to 270$/MTwink.We are expecting after new year on April 5 price comeback to 285$/MTyes or more and demand increase in market.

The bitumen price is based on 185Kg drum and 150Kg drum has premimun rate based on 10USD/MT.

Bitumen price in Iran has relative to below items:

Bitumen sellers offer levels to the customers

Bitumen sellers postings rates to the own pages

Discounts to offer levels/postings that Bitumen seller typically offer their customers

The price at which buyers of bitumen tell ATDM they would be willing to buy

The buyer of bitumen says ATDM they have been quoted by their supplier.

The price at which local, state, provincial or federal authorities contract product by tender

Price changes in local residual fuel oil markets

Price change of Iran bitumen refineries.

Price changes at competing or nearby bitumen markets

Delivered-to-site prices, where the assessment is on an ex-works basis

Transportation costs of bitumen tanker


Updated bitumen price on Januery 2.2017

Bitumen price has too much flactuation now since USD value compare rial has daily big flactuation.Today price of bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 is 280USD/MT FOB of BND based on minimum 500MT and including SGS certificate of quality and quantity.
The bitumen price is based on 185Kg drum and 150Kg drum has premimun rate based on 10USD/MT.
Most of exporter selling the bitumen price based on Rial now and adjust the payment relative to Rial to be on safe side.

Updated on December 5.2016

Bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 is 254$/MT FOB of Bandar Abbas in 185Kg drum and 261$/MT packed in 150Kg drum.

other grade of penetration bitumen is 15$/MT higher than bitumen 60/70.

Since USD value compare to Rial increased it is supporting export price and there is advantage for Iranian bitumen dealer to export more.

Another issue is increase of oil price after OPEC agreement.Since they decided to decrease the production ,oil price increased and effected in bitumen price.

Update on Nov. 15,2016 unit price is 265$ per ton FOB of BND for bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 in 185 kg drum and 275 in 150 kg drum.

after ministry of oil cancled the increase of lub cut for domestic market it is effected on bitumen price and starting to come down and on first step 25$ per ton the raw material which is VB vaccum bottom dropped. Such flactimuation for bitumen price is irregular and bad experience for buyer since they can not decide to buy when and at what rate. ATDM able to supply some ready cargo now with very low rate since Inidan buyer faced with Rupee problem and unable to complete the balance.


Update:Nov, 6.2016

After demonstrate near ministry of oil ,price of bitumen will come done step by step!

The main reason is local factories that can not compete with international bitumen market. So be ready for collapse of price now since FOB rate of bulk bitumen in Singapore is 220$ , Thailand is 180 and Korea is 195$ per ton. So there is not enough room for high cost to pay for Indian buyers who taking 30% of Iran bitumen.

It is better to wait some days but don't forget Election of USA  may drop or  increase the oil price. Today FOB price of Iran bitumen packed in steel drum is between 280 to 310$ per ton depend on brand and payment term.


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