Jey bitumen refinery

jey bitumen 60-70 80-100

Jey bitumen

Jey bitumen is most famous bitumen brand in Asia. This refinery constructed by American company and structure of refining is designed for high quality bitumen from vacuum bottom.Capacity of Jey bitumen is 3000MT daily

Location of Jey oil

Jey oil located in Isfahan which is near to many drumming factories also bitumen membrane sheet producer and it is in central of Iran and exporting to north and south part of Iran.

Capacity of Jey bitumen is higher than other refineries and all type of bitumen and packing is producing according to quantity and orders.

The regular production of bitumen is Bitumen 10/20, Bitumen 20/30, bitumen 40/50Bitumen 60/70bitumen 80/100, bitumen 85/100, bitumen 40/50, bitumen 90/130, bitumen 160/220.

Why customers mostly prefer Jey bitumen?

Jey bitumen has more demand since analysis of the bitumen has better result. For instance ductility of bitumen should be minimum 100Cm but Jey bitumen is more than 140Cm and for Asphalt Company there would be efficiency to use it since no need to add more additive to make ductile bitumen.

Specification of Jey bitumen 60/70

jey bitumen 60/70 specification

Data sheet of Jey bitumen 80/100 or 85/100

specification of jey bitumen 80/100 85/100

Which grades able to supply from Jey refinery?

A. Australian standard:

This type is produced according to customers’ request, Pavements designed and constructed for heavy duty traffic and extreme weather conditions require specially designed engineered Bitumen Grades. changing the characteristics of original bitumen with change of process condition or/and the addition of  some modifier such as Polymer, Rubber

B. Penetration grade

Bitumen  production in according to three standard method (Blowing method ,Straight run method and Blending method) in Iran and other countries

The Air Blowing Bitumen is produced by process of vacuum Bottom (VB) and air in the reactor. and due to the control of the process conditions, different grades are produced.

Bitumen clasification according to various specification such as Penetration, Viscosity, Performane of bitumen in the road.

C.Emulsion grade

Bitumen emulsions are basically an O/W – Oil on Water solution – A dispersion of bitumen particles on water phase, stabilized with the addition of surfactants – Surface active agents – or most commonly known as emulsifiers. They are primarily used for tack coats for use in between hot mix asphalt layers and prime coats for thin hot mix surfacing layers or a chip seal pavements, other cold mixed asphalt and maintenance binder .
Bitumen emulsions are divided into three categories:
    * Anionic with negatively charged globules
    * Cationic with positively charged globules
    * Non-ionic with neutral globules.
Base on the time of setting after spraying, Bitumen emulsions classification as Quick Set (QS), Rapild set (RS), Medium set (MS) and Slow set(SS)

d. Cutback liquid grade

Cutback Bitumen is by adding controlled amounts of petroleum solvent such as Kerosene, Gasole and Gasoline.
Base on reduce of bitumen viscosity for spraying in ambient temperature for several application such as Asphalt Pavement Construction, Maintenance,Prime and Tack Coating Base on the time of curing after spraying, Cutback bitumen classification as Rapild Curing(RC), Medium Curing (MC) and Slow Curing (SC)

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